Ukulele For Kids: The Complete Guide

Do you have a kid at home or do you have one on the way? In any case, musical instruments are something that everyone can go for. The process of how to teach a child to play ukulele may sound tough to some people but it actually is not that difficult if you know how to do it. There are different fun ukulele songs for kids to play and there are different methods to teach a kid to play ukulele. These methods are quite different from that of grown-ups.

Therefore, with some patience we are going to know more about ukulele for kids today in this article. I am sure, after reading the article you will have no problem in going and helping your kid learn to play the ukulele. Let’s get started.

For the ease of understanding, we divided the article into 3 age groups. We will talk about the 2-5 age group, 7-11 age group and then 11-15 age group.

2-5 Age Group

As you can understand, the method of teaching this age group will be completely different than teaching the other two groups. This is obvious because you do not want your little one to resent you for going into deep music lessons.

However, this is still a great time to start because this is the time when your kid’s brain has started to develop. After all, your kid ended up learning all the art of walking and ukulele is literally nothing for him if you can teach it right.

Now, ukulele for 2-year-old might seem a bit too much. Therefore, you have to be very specific about it. A guitar or ukulele for a toddler is simply another version of a toy and if you can manage to explain that part of it, your kid will start to enjoy.

Do not expect your five years old to be a good musician at that age. If he or she shows enough interest on the ukulele then you should consider yourself lucky. Kids do not show a lot of interest on music tools at that age and you should not expect them to do that either.

It is you who will make sure that your kid is slowly starting to get into the art of music. If you can make that happen, you will become a great parent which will be realized later on.

7-11 Age Group

This is a very good age group when your kid can start to learn the art of happy ukulele. It might still be a bit young for a huge group of kids but overall, this is the ideal time for you to search for kids ukulele for sale.

Remember, it is not easy to go ahead and start pushing your kid towards the art of ukulele. Try to talk to him and make him interested about this at a very early stage. You can never push a tough task like learning ukulele to a kid as he or she will be disappointed at one point or the other if he or she does not like it. Being a kid, your kid will more likely be interested in instruments like a guitar for example. Therefore, it is your task here again to make him interested in Ukulele. How can you make that happen?

When your kid is 7 years or older, your kid has a proper brain to learn the art of Ukulele. It might sound weird but that’s true. Your kid can now understand how Ukulele works and can actually sit and go for learning the chords. Therefore, your task now is to make sure that your kid learns the strategic part of it. You can no more go for the basic stuff like playing the ukulele songs for kids to play this time. This is time to go for the actual action.

If you can, manage an instructor for your kid who will teach your kid all the basics of Ukulele. If this seems tough or if your kid is not yet interested to go ahead and learn from an instructor, you have two options ahead of yours. You can either go ahead and use the internet to make your kid learn the ukulele. This is going to be a tough process because 11-year-olds will not have the patience to learn things from the internet. You should only go through that path if you are always there to support and learn with your kid. Otherwise, the instructor or the coaching options are the only two options that you have.

11-15 Age Group

The last option that we will talk about is the 11 year to 15-year phase where your kid is pretty much grown up and now has the sense of how to learn things. This is an important age as this age will tell you whether your kid actually likes to play ukulele or not. Your kid will also have developed the denial powers by now so if he or she doesn’t like playing ukulele then you should be ready to listen to the denials.

This is very important. If your kid is not up to learning the art of ukulele, you should not try to force it because it will not be a good thing to force this beautiful device to someone. The learning process will be lengthy and your kid will end up hating this tool which nobody wants. Therefore, be slow and gentle. If you can also learn ukulele with your kid then that would mean something special to him/her so try to manage time if you can.

At the end of the day, try to appreciate whatever your kid is doing whether he or she is making it or not. At least, your kid is giving it a try which is more important than anything. Music is a very beautiful yet strange and tough at the same time to learn. Therefore, if you can make it work for your kid, we wish you all the best in life.

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