Top 10 Ukulele Capos

What is a capo and why do we even have to look for the best ukulele capos? A capo is something that you use to either learn ukulele or to touch easy chords at ease. If you are reading this post about the best ukulele capos, the chances are high that you already know about the ukulele capos.

In case if you don’t, a capo changes the whole chord structure of your ukulele so that you do not have to touch the later chords at the bottom end of the fret board. This article is not about the structure of a ukulele capo. This article is about their reviews. We will talk about the top 10 ukulele capos in this one so that you do not have to worry about which one to buy and which to ignore. Let’s get started.

Here are our 10 Best Ukulele Capos Reviews

Guitar Capo 2 Pack For Guitars From Nordic Essentials

Guitar Capo 2 Pack For Guitars From Nordic Essentials

The first one that we have on our list is the Guitar Capo 2 Pack set from the brand Nordic Essentials. This is a fun unit to go for many reasons. The primary one is because you are getting two for the price of one which is interesting. The second important fact is that the price is still very low.

The unit is made of aluminum metal and the weight is around 1.2oz. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the feel of this unit.

Soundsmith Premium Guitar Capo

Soundsmith Premium Guitar Capo

The second in our list is Soundsmith premium guitar capo. The look is decent and it might look like a tool and not a capo which can be an issue to some people. But if you are thinking about problems, this is definitely not a problem for the capo.

The capo is strong as there is a coil spring technology in it. The spring is hard and it stays hard for a long period. The top-grade silicon will ensure durability and you can use it not only on ukulele but also on banjo and mandolin if you wish.

Neewer Brown Single Handed Specialty Designed For Ukulele

Neewer is a brand that produces many products in the music space so if you want to go for a trustworthy brand, this is the one to go for. The unit looks pretty much a lot like the last one that we talked about. The spring feature is exactly similar to the last one.

The major benefit of going with this one is the price. The unit is extremely well priced and you will probably not find anything cheaper with this much quality out there.

Guitar Capo Acoustic and Electric by Onn Sound

Guitar Capo Acoustic and Electric by Onn Sound

The brand Onn Sound has produced a quality unit here. As you can read it from the title, this is a capo primarily made for guitar but as the application is quite similar to ukulele too, you can use it there. Also, you can use it for your banjo, bass, electric and classical guitar and what not.

One great part about this capo is the light weight. The no fret buzz will ensure that there is no special feeling when you have that capo on. The unit is straight black so there’s nothing to worry there.

Nuiby Single Handed Trigger Ukulele Capo

Nuiby Single Handed Trigger Ukulele Capo

Nulby will not only offer you the capo alone, it will also offer you things like 5 free guitar picks which are fun and interesting to have. Like other capos, you can also use this one for your other instruments such as your guitar, your banjo and what not.

The 5 picks are really not something that special. The no scratch quality will ensure that you do not have to worry about the durability of your capo. It will stay fine for a long period of time.

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Capo with High-Grade Matte Surface

Again, the title says a lot about the product. The unit was primarily built for the guitar but then as there is no rule that a capo cannot be used for similar other music tools, this one started to be used for ukulele too.

The feel when you are touching this one is solid as the metal is of high grade. The size is perfect and there is nothing like fret buzz to be worried about.

Sound Harbor MA 12 Capo Guitar

If you are into class and if you are looking for a guitar capo that will reflect the same then this is the one for you. With spending only so much amount, you can get a capo that looks very different and works exactly like the top notch capos out there.

The best part about this one is that there are lots of design options that you can go for. There is the wood version and then there are the blue and black version as well as the marble one.

Ukulele Capo Musedo Pro Quick Change

Ukulele Capo Musedo Pro Quick Change

The next one we got in our list is the Ukulele Capo musedo Pro Quick change from the brand Elvorax. Now, again, there are four different color options so there is no problem there. The unit is considered as an artist choice though we think that is going a bit too much with the design as it looks like pretty much similar to all the other ones out there to us in terms of look wise.

The unit is durable and scratch resistant which is important and the pressure is exactly how you want it to be which is a great sign.

Best Ukulele Capo Elegant Designed Single Handed Ultra Light Weight

Again, the title is a big spoiler and it made our task a bit easier. If you are into lightweight capo then this is a great pick. The unit comes in three different colors and the main feature is the ultra light weight of this one. The aircraft grade metal body is a great choice too.

The company also offers you a lifetime warranty on this which shows us that they are confident about the quality of this unit. All in all, this is definitely a capo worth going for.

Moozikpro Ukulele Capo – Heavy Duty Spring Mechanism

The idea is simple. If you are looking for something durable and strong as a capo then this is a good option. On the other hand, if you are looking for a great design, this one is probably not the one. The features are very clear. The unit is durable, lightweight and multi-usable like the other capos with almost all cord based music instruments.

If you are looking for one of these options, the chances are high that you will end up liking this unit.