Locally Sourced Wood Yields Great Ukuleles

This is a guest post by Jonathan Dale, of Jupiter Ukulele, who builds his own ukuleles from local wood found in Eastern Pennsylvania. Wood. Most stringed musical instruments, including ukuleles, […]

6 String Ukulele: A Complete Guide

A ukulele is a short-necked guitar played on four strings that originated in Europe. It was first introduced in 1879 in Hawaii by a Portuguese immigrant who played a variation […]

Ukulele Music Info Interview with Katie DeNure

We had the opportunity to interview Katie DeNure,  a talented and certified ukulele, guitar and voice teacher in the state of Wisconsin. DeNure operates the successful “One Music School” YouTube channel, […]

Best Custom Ukuleles for 2017

Looking for a ukulele? As this beautiful, portable instrument has gained popularity in recent years, available options have multiplied. Music stores and online marketplaces are full of lovely ukes, most […]

Ukulele Music Info Facebook Giveaway

Go to our Facebook page and enter our giveaway for a chance to win a Beginner Soprano Ukulele*. The giveaway ends August 31, 2017. To take part follow our guidelines: […]